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I'm queendoq, your Wedding DJ

queendoq the Wedding DJ is a professional wedding DJ service operating in the South Florida region. queendoq also provides additional wedding vendor services such as, photography, videography, 360 photo booths and all sound needs.  This woman-owned business envisions making the couple's wedding day the most memorable event of their lives. queendoq and her team seek to be the couple's most vital vendors and the life of the party, offering fun, professional, and creative services to enhance the nuptial celebrations.

Services Offered

queendoq the Wedding DJ always takes a hands-on approach to the planning process, often operating as a second wedding planner to assist wherever needed. queendoq knows how much work goes into planning a wedding, and wants to assist in elevating this experience. The fairytale atmosphere you’ve been dreaming about your entire life becomes a reality with queendoq operating your music and sound. Whatever songs the pair has been dreaming about, the DJ has it covered, with music for every genre, era, and ethnicity, ranging from Electronic, Pop, Hiphop, Country and Indie to Jazz and the Oldies. With this DJ at the helm of a couple's sound, anything is possible, guaranteeing a blissful ambiance and a packed dance floor by the night's end.

Packages are available to accommodate ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, and/or hora loca. Bundles feature up to eight hours of tunes, setup and breakdown, lightbars, fog machines, and wireless microphones. Couples can also opt for queendoq as a full-personality MC, recapture services, and 360 photo booths for added entertainment.